happy friday | 2.10.12

at this very moment
abigail is playing quietly beside me with her dolls.
oliver is upstairs reading.
my mother is reading in the den.
stella (our dog) is laying in this room with abigail and i.
nic and elliot are at school, but my two middle children have the day off.
it's an unusual surprise to have just them home.
i wonder what this moment has for you all?

and i'm starving because i haven't fed myself lunch yet. ;)

my mind is in high gear with ideas for kp photography in 2012.
i can't wait to share some of those with you.

some things to look for (coming soon!):
a book giveaway this week.
a trip to northern california in early april (still booking for this!!)
the art show called works. (feb 24rd)

hope you all have a happy friday!!