happy friday | 2.24.12

well, well, well.
here we are again.

it's friday.
in my perfect world mind, i post to this blog 2-3 times a week.
but these fridays role around to remind me that i haven't posted in quite a while.
life takes over like that, right?

today is a full day for me~
a photo shoot with the cutest little redhead
and then i'm off to set up for WORKS.

i know i've been talking about WORKS a good bit
(i at least feel like i have)
but i'm a little nervous and a lot excited about showing some of my work tonight.

and i'm thrilled to get to see what other artists are showing
not to mention the musical acts!
(check the links above to see all that will be featured!)
i've never set up a table at an art show before.
makes me respect all of you artists even more!!

i'm pretty sure that i'll have some prints left over.
maybe some of you would like one?
maybe one of you will have one. compliments of me!
(stay tuned~ after the show, i'll be posting a giveaway.)

i'm bringing my camera with me to the show,
so i'll do my best to take pictures so i can show you my table and other happenings at works!
can't wait!!

also, if you're in town,
PLEASE come!! 
it will be a great event!
(and i could use all the friendly faces i could get!)

happy friday all!