happy friday | 2.3.12

hi all!
it's a happy friday indeed today.
the sun is on full blast~ was yesterday too~
which is a special treat this time of year in portland.

we have had kids coming in and out of the house all day long.
happy little playdates
full of digging in dirt, playing football, making movies, sidewalk chalk, etc.

these things are gifts.
i know it's a common thing to have children playing outside~
but it's easy for other's normal to feel so special when it's not often yours.
i fully expected to have a house full of kids running stir crazy, 
 but instead kids have been soaking up the sun outside.

so here's my chance to wish you a happy friday.
and share some thoughts.

i've been working really hard over on pinterest.
(let me know if you've never heard of that.)
i love that site for many reasons. 
mostly because it's a beautiful, visual way for me to remember things i've seen online.
i also love it because it tricks me and makes me feel like i'm being productive,
as if by pinning that perfectly designed office means i have somehow created a similar place of my own.
(there's always hope.)

i also enjoy pinning beautiful perfect things,
while i sit undone in my messy home.
it's a lovely escape.
the other day, i was thinking about my dwelling space.
and how sometimes, that perfect pinterest world 
can blur my vision a bit in seeing my own home
and the good it contains.
so i decided to take a stroll through the house and "pin" some of my favorites here.
i walked around with my camera,
each click representing things i love about where i live.

my home. my little space. where things aren't perfect
but have so much meaning to me.
(hopefully, i can share those with you soon if you'd like.)

and i thought today,
 for your happy friday
you could do the same.

happy pinning!! 
and a very happy friday!
xo. kp