happy leap year!

 well, i don't know about you,
but i've received at least 29 emails about sales and such.

so i thought i would leap in
(no, that sounds ridiculous)
join in.

i have these adorable little prints that i displayed at works.
(you should still check out the artists and musicians that were there!!)

and i've been wanting to give one away
and offer them for sale to you!

here are some that i have left:
(all five by fives)
one. (SOLD)
two. (SOLD)
three. (SOLD)
four. (SOLD)
six. (SOLD)
seven. (SOLD)
ten. (SOLD)
eleven. (SOLD)
twelve. (SOLD)
thirteen. (SOLD)

these are mounted to mat-board
printed on a beautiful metallic paper.
they can stand propped on a shelf or windowsill
or can be framed.
(they also are coated with a layer to protect against fingerprints, uv exposure, etc.)

in other words, they're nice prints.
and they'd be really cute in a group.
listed at $20.

i also have a few five by sevens:
fifteen. (SOLD)

printed in the same format as five by fives. listed at $22.

today and tomorrow only, 
i'm going to offer them
29% off!!
(actually, i'll round it up to 30%)

and if you order more than one, i'll ship for free. (in the usa.)

also... i'd like to give one away to one of you.
leave a comment to enter and i'll choose a winner by tomorrow evening. (midnight~ after the sale.)
((also, be sure and leave a way for me to contact you!!))

you, the winner will get to choose one print of their very own from what is left over. :)
(so if there is one print in particular that you love, get it while you can!)

maybe one day, i'll have an etsy shop,
but for now, just message or email me about the print you'd like and we can make arrangements.
thanks all!