the ideal time to photograph your child:

i met with the mama of this sweet babe yesterday.
 we took these photos about two months ago.
way back when he wasn't even walking. ;)

 and back when their family was thinking of moving.

 yesterday, i saw that he was walking exclusively.
 and their house is sold.

 we were sharing how hard it can be to leave a home.
how it feels that the walls somehow hold your memories.
your growth.
your love.
 i don't think this mother regrets having these photos done right at the moment when they were done.
a moment later and well,
the moment would have passed.
 honestly, i've never had a client regret getting photos taken when they did.
though, i have had some who wished they would have sooner.

i know as a busy mom myself,
it's difficult to make time and money to record our lives as a family.
but any time i prioritize photographing my own children
i feel so thankful that i have that moment down.
to remember.
so when is the best time to have your children photographed?
the only answer i can think of is: now.

you won't regret it!