happy birthday abigail!!

my little girl.
sandwiched in the middle of three brothers,
she's always been able to hold her own.
 she's brave
and adventurous,
 kind, creative and tender hearted.
she sees the world around her with eyes wide open.
 in all the world,
there is not another like her.
and today is her day.

i will never forget longing for a little girl
during that third pregnancy
and then finding out she was coming.

i'll never forget holding her for the first time in my arms 
and how i couldn't stop staring at her in the hospital.

and here she is. 
EIGHT years old.
and i still can be caught
staring at her
in all her complicated beauty.

i'm so thankful she's mine
and i pray i can watch her grow through life.
happy birthday to my little lubell~