happy friday | 5.18.12

(i love this sweet face above!!)

we've experienced some weeks of summer weather here this month
which has been amazing.

last year at this time, we had grey skies and chilly weather all the way until the first of july.
it's pure torture to hear of everyone's lounging on the beach
while we were still wrapping up into the same winter sweaters.

anyway, i feel you should know that we've all been wearing 
flip-flops, shorts, and tank tops recently.
the sunshine is good.

we're also hosting my in-laws over this next week...
which always brings another type of sunshine into our lives.

abigail is turning 8 on the 21st. (monday)
we'll be roller skating away tomorrow to celebrate her.
and our marriage turns 15 this 24th. (thursday)
(yay! we made it all the way to the end!!)

so it's a big month.
but today it's just friday...
movie and pizza here we come!

happy friday to the rest of you!