happy friday | 5.25.12

what more could a little dude want?
hipster shades,
green grass to sit in,
blue skies above,
and mom and dad's pure delight in him.
i'd be smiling too.

hope your friday has some of the same.

(and do you see me in the photo? haha!!)

over here,
i'm off to celebrate fifteen years with this guy:
heading to the coast for a night away.

abigail just celebrated her 8th birthday on the 21st.
(hope to update you more on that later)

brian's parents have been with us for a visit.
treating the kids to a special day away each
and then watching those kids for us to get away.

other than that,
we're just counting down the days until summer.
we have until june 13th here.
so sixteen more school days?
i think i can, i think i can, i think i can.

until next time, 
happy friday!!