office sneak peak.

i'm still piecing together my office,
i probably will be for a while.

but i did find one part of it that i'm totally enamored with.
let me introduce you to my granny chair:
  i know i've told you about trying to find space in my life for quiet.

well, as i've been practicing that lately,
i started dreaming about a really comfortable chair in my newly forming office.
i started contemplating glider rockers and other arm chairs 
that i thought would fit and that i'd enjoy.

well, i visited one of my favorite vintage shops here in portland (vintage pink)
and found this one.
it rocks.
it swivels.
and it comforts me.

so now it's mine.

but when brian stopped by the shop to pick it up,
he liked it so much that he bought it's twin.
so now we have two.

one upstairs for me.
and one down for people like him:
which feels perfect
because then i don't have to share as much. ;)

can't wait for you to see the rest of the office.
happy memorial day!