work it, monday.

have you had your breakfast yet?

i'm kicking off this week with a mother's day photo special (announced on wednesday).
stay tuned.

i also am wrapping up edits from my sessions in california recently. 
so excited to show you some of those.

beyond just working to get stuff done,
one thing i'm trying to work into my life is space for quiet.
i've been trying to get up earlier to just sit and think.

i was trying to explain my need to be alone to my oldest son one night
and he said, "but you're alone all day."
we started laughing because three days a week, that is true. 
i have all four kids in school, so from about 9:30-2:30, i'm alone.

but it doesn't feel quiet.
it feels noisy with busyness and rushing.
there is so much to get done!

and sitting still,
finding quiet or rest,
takes discipline~
a commitment to push against everything screaming for your attention.

so even if it's only ten minutes,
it feels worth it to me to get up a little earlier.
 just to sit and think.

now, i'm just praying my kids don't start waking up earlier as well, 
like they did when they were babies.
i'm pretty sure, this behavior would cause me to give up on the practice. ;)

i'd love to hear if you make space like this for yourself?
what practices or strategies do you have in place?

here's hoping your efforts are fruitful today 
and that you have a space for quiet.