the hustle and bustle of the end of the school year
almost causes me to forget what happened yesterday
or what will happen tomorrow.

there is change happening.
from the old preschool, second, fourth and sixth grade.
to the new SUMMER!
(abigail found these two leaves and said, "look mom, it's the old and the new." 
it felt symbolic to our life.)

in case you've wondered what we've been doing over here,
i thought i'd give a run down.

there was fiddler on the roof:
 nic got to play lazar wolf... we're all singing the songs still!

while walking to see his play,
his sister made a bouquet of tiny flowers to give him afterwards.
not to be outdone, elliot found a pinecone to give him.

there was a field trip to a philip foster farm:
(oliver and his dear teacher, karen miller)

oliver and his class have studied the pioneers 
(including lewis and clark) and our state history this year.

there was another field trip to hopkins demonstration forest
with a load of first and second graders.
 they call it forest camp, but it could just as easily be called 'get yourself muddy camp'
or 'go find a huge banana slug camp'.

and lastly, just a few days ago, there was a preschool graduation! 
 (elliot and his good buddy)
and elliot and abigail spending a moment in the grass after his last day.
we will miss childswork so much!

did you notice how much our attire varies just within a few weeks?
that's june in portland folks.

but come july, we'll be all popsicles and water play, don't you worry.

today, we're off to celebrate one more thing:
the last day of school for the other three.

so happy.