happy friday | 8.10.12

i recently had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with a dear family

the place was stunning.
the staff were so helpful.
(and afterwards, the wine was tasty!)

the shoot was of the extended family who were all gathered together for a wedding.
the mother of the bride had contacted me because she wanted a casual shoot
of the family together the day before the wedding.
it was a photoshoot for her, giving her the freedom to have the pictures that she wants
and the freedom to relax and enjoy the wedding the next day.
(i love the idea so much that i'm tucking it away for the future!)

and it just so happens that this type of casual and natural photoshoots are
exactly what i love to do!

yesterday, i was working on the collection of shots i took and i found this one.
it made me pause.

and it made me hopeful and thankful.
when i saw it, 
i thought,

"if you can do this for each other
for the rest of your lives you'll be fine."

there is a mystery to marriage shown in this moment
of connection, humor and love.

i've spent a good deal of time thinking of my own marriage this summer year lifetime.
and one thing i'm truly thankful for is how brian and i can laugh together.

a sense of humor might be one of the best gifts you can bring into your marriage
and i'm pretty sure that if you can keep laughing, you'll get through almost anything.

so to alex and sam (bride and groom above),
i want to say CONGRATS to you!! 
my hope is that your wedding day was filled with laughter
as well as the rest of your lives together.

i'm looking forward to editing the rest of your family's photos,
but until then, enjoy this moment.

i'm thankful to have captured it.

to my blog readers, 
i know it's been a while. 
i've given myself permission to break from this and other things this summer.
but i have missed you all!!

and i'm happy to be back for a moment to wish you all 
a happy friday!!