happy friday | 8.17.12

amazing people have surrounded me since the beginning of starting my business.
people who believed in what i was doing.
people who hired me in the very beginning.
people who cheered me on.

i'm forever grateful.
and i want to marry you.

but still, working solo has it's challenges.
you have to be a jill of all trades and fill every need that arises.
(not to mention, claim every mistake.)
the learning curve is huge.

but surprisingly, i haven't felt so alone in this because of those around me.

this weekend, i'm working with a special one of you.
perhaps my biggest helper along the way.

she happens to be the creative genius behind my logo,
business cards, header, cd covers, etc. 

i also took my very first photography class with her in college!
(i'm convinced she's WAY more talented than i am. it's true.)

but more than that, she's someone i can call,
ask to drop everything and help me figure something out.
i can complain about photoshop to her
and she just laughs and then feels sorry for me. ;)
etc. etc. etc.

she's my etc. friend.
because it's too hard to explain all the ways she fills in for me.

so when i think of pulling away to work my butt off for a weekend,
i naturally think of her meeting me.
AND to make it even specialer, it just so happens to be my birthday weekend.

so off we go.

tonight, i fly out to denver. 
(halfway for ATL & PDX)
carrying a few clothes, my laptop, tons of ambition,
and giddy excitement that i get to work right beside the one i've called on for help all of these years.

guess what i'm going to be working on??
a new website!!
i can't wait to look through all of my photos of some of YOU to put in there!!
(want one in? a special favorite you think should be included? let me know!!)

(keri will be working on this: bloom market! check it out and mark your calendars if you're in atl!)

you know you love what you do when you want to work on your birthday!

so happy friday!
happy birthday to me tomorrow!
and happy new website that i hope to be launching soon!!
if you haven't already, check out my facebook page 
and LIKE it... consider it a birthday gift to me! ;)
(or follow me on twitter.)

(for now, this is how you'll find out about deals, specials, and my travel schedule.
don't miss out!)