k is for kindergarten.

my name is elliot prentiss
and i didn't write this, but my mom is pretending i did.
she can be controlling like that.

for example, i'm having a really big day today.
it's my first day of kindergarten.
i know!! it's a big deal, right?

so, guess what my mom makes me do?
take a picture.
but not just a picture, she tells me i have to make a 'k' in sign language with my hand
because 'k' is for kindergarten.

so i did:
i was concentrating hard.
you know, the 'k' isn't that easy to make.
but i did it.

and as a thank you, my mom tells me that i look too serious.
i'll smile:
i should have been done by this time and off to start my new life as a kindergartener.

but then, again, she says, "you need to turn your hand around. so people can see the 'k'."
fine. and then these two jump in the picture.
don't they have places to go too?
 finally, my mom says i can put the 'k' down.
 i'm so excited, i'm so excited, i'm so... can we go now?

good thing i can show these people how to get to school.
 looks like this is where the magic will be happening all year:
 and lucky me! i'm sat right by beatrice!! that cute girl from preschool two years ago!

i have to give sis a BIG hug. she might be feeling a little nervous.
same with these two:
 they're going to need all the encouragement they can get this year.
after all, they tend to think i'm still their baby,
but hello!!?? 

peace out and word to your mother,

(the greatest kindergartener that ever was.)