love you like a mother.

(this post was written before mother's day, but was delayed due to my website being launched. but i could write the same thing every day to you people. xo.)


you are the ones that i have a soft spot for. i see you with your kids~ your sacrifice, your love, your beauty. and i know what you think about: what you're not doing, how you're not measuring up, how you don't feel beautiful.

you are the reason i love what i do.

i love giving you something back.

i love showing you what i see.

thank you to those who have let me do just that. i love capturing your kids, but more than that, i love giving you back some of that beauty that you fill those lives with. 

so happy mother's day.

notice the comfort and joy in the way these mothers care for their own. (i could fill a book with many more.)

you have that too. pay attention to that and give thanks for who you are in your kids' lives. xo.