and it all comes crashing to a halt.

our school year ends today. officially. finally.  

we were at least ten minutes late to school today, but like the little engine that could, we finally made it over that hill and arrived to celebrate what this year has held for us.

the kids are still there celebrating. elliot's kindergarden class is picnicking at a local park where they will magically find fairy wands. oliver's fifth grade class celebrated with a promotion this morning where the kids sang songs, were presented with fifth grade certificates and then went on to celebrate in their classroom. i'm not sure what abigail's third grade class is doing which is representative of my mind lately. and nic is somewhere in middle school sharing a feast of junk food with his favorite classmates and watching an eighth grade talent show. (the art school kids are truly talented so it should be good!)   

the years certainly are spinning around me.  

i feel privileged to watch my children grow. and while i do my damnedest to raise them well, things still fall apart around me. to prove just that, i give you our small collection of photos from this day so far.  

while you browse, see if you can spot these things: a broken back pack, broken glasses, a kid not wearing their glasses, a few kids in need of haircuts (you can order them in your preference), tennis shoes that need to be thrown away, and a nasty lunch box (or two or four). maybe you see other things that represent the end of the school year? or something that is still missing like teacher gifts? (i'm on it!)

sigh. but beyond all that, i see the people that i love the most in this world, the people that make me want to do better and be better, and the people that have shown me my own heart's ability to give love sacrificially. 

bring it summer. i'm not prepared for you, but i'm open.  

happy summer all!! xo.