a day in NOLA.

we arrived at 3:30am and left the following day at 11:30pm. our day began in our adorable little hotel (hotel indigo-- thanks to my brother in law, allen!!) and then we took to the streets to see what we could see. the mississippi river and the cafe du monde beignets were the top favorites for sure.  by the time the day was done, we were so ready to be in mobile! we took a double decker mega bus from new orleans to mobile, so at least we could rest on the way. the next day i left for birmingham to fill my camera up with three shoots. i absolutely can't wait to show you those!! happy weekend peeps!!

meet lenord flemming. if you'd like a taste of new orleans music and soul... here is a snippet of a man singing to us in front of the mississippi. he calls himself the human jukebox snapping out genres of music until you select one. once you do, he moves to snapping out the artists in that genre. select the artist, and then he moves to the songs of that artist. for fifty years, he's been doing this on the river. it was a good moment.