steel city pops & sweet southern summertime!

how do you prepare for a photoshoot in the alabama heat? i honestly don't know, but good thing these smart parents planned for water play and popsicles! as a result we all cooled off a little! (not really. but this photographer is always happier when kids are happier!)

i didn't know what steel city pops were before this session (i've been away from birmingham for some time now!), but i *might* have been drooling while photographing these kids eating them!   

i *might* just be drooling now actually. 

thankfully, my last stop in the steel city was steel city pops so i could taste one for myself! (peanut butter & chocolate, thank you very much!!)

but since i live on the other side of the country, how about you birmingham people go get one for me?! and let me know what your favorite flavors are so i can try new ones next time! 

until then, enjoy these sweet southern babes beating the summer heat below!! 


more from this sweet family here. xo.