a happy birthday post.

when we visited our family in early july, i was able to sneak away for a night and see my dear college friends. we stayed at my roommate's home (which i love! bigtime.) and i snapped some quick pictures while we were chatting in her kitchen because it just might be my favorite kitchen ever. i've been wanting to show it to you all... and today happens to be the best day ever to do it because it's my roommate's birthday!  

happy birthday wischy!! (amy gibbons)

so for her birthday i will tell you four things about her in photos.

1. this is how she looks after staying up late with old friends and then getting up early to work and take care of everyone. naturally beautiful.

2. she has two daughters that i wish i knew better. they both are roller derby girls and i'm going to try real hard to be their friend as they grow up. 

3. she's the perfect combination of snuggly + hilarious + tender hearted. 

4. she's a brilliant photographer. artistic and creative in how she creates portraits of clients. (check her out... follow her work... hire her! www.amygibbonsphotography.com) we love to talk shop and i'm so thankful to have her in the industry with me!


now to her kitchen. 

but first i need to mention that she makes her pour over coffee with a paper towel instead of a filter. don't judge her. she thinks it makes the coffee better or something. 


really, you can obviously see the beautiful kitchen, but i love the girl in it so! 

she hates the spotlight, but i had to give a shout out to her on her big day because i'm just bummed not to be with her celebrating! (isn't the kitchen to die for though?)

this last photo is her telling me to stop taking pictures of her.  

wisch, remember the time that i threw your whole mattress of our loft? that was fun.  

happy birthday sweet friend. xo. (don't hate me for this.)