bath time!

i never know what to expect when i plan a photoshoot for the first time with a family. and shooting in someone's home that i haven't seen always increases the unknown variables! but i love that part of my job and i love being a photographer who is able to be flexible with whatever is handed to me!

on this particular shoot, the sweet baby wasn't feeling like himself so mom and dad decided to give him a bath. when they suggested it, i immediately was so excited. i love, love, love getting to capture real life moments on a shoot.  

this was just a small part of our time together. we played outside in the yard, played inside with the toys and captured plenty of beautiful portraits, but because of these bath shots, this family has a moment in their child's history recorded forever!

i think being able to look back is so helpful as a parent! it helps us all treasure where we've been... bathing our sweet babes with their soft skin, baby fine hair, and curious little natures... and what we have now (or soon enough!) when our children are able to bathe themselves. (freedom!!) 

think about this next time you book a session! think about what a typical day is like for your family. if i'm honest, the answer for me would be a lot of chores mixed with some struggle and strife, but i think that's because those things somehow choke out my ability to see a lot of the laughter and peace.  i know that despite the circumstances we're all in, there is much to be celebrated about our lives AND that there is so much beauty in it! let's all look for that! xo.

(and if you need help seeing it or capturing it give me a call!)