jon & lauren

i've never met anyone who takes purchasing a new home lightly. it's a big decision. 

and for jon & lauren, that holds true. 

they moved across the country for a new adventure, from birmingham, alabama to settle here in portland. after renting for a while, they began the search for a home with the help of the c. morgan davis real estate team. (who i HIGHLY recommend!)

it wasn't long before they found what they were looking for.

i'm thankful to share in this part of their family's history and capture some of their first moments in their new home!

"do you guys imagine that you'll live here a while?"

"this is certainly our first "real house" and hopefully our forever house here in portland."

jon & lauren are excited to put down roots in portland and even more excited to enjoy the neighbors surrounding their beautiful historic portland home. they feel lucky to share lives with their neighbors, but being that i know this sweet couple, my perspective is that the neighbors are the ones who are quite lucky to have them.  

although, they might not be the safest to be around with the moving boxes. ;)

thanks jon & lauren for allowing me into your new home to capture these portraits!! xoxo. 

can't wait to see how your lives take root there! your neighborhood and portland is fortunate to have you!