displaying portraits.

my sweet friend angie, who wrote the kindest post a few months ago about working with me this past summer, recently sent along some photos of how she's enjoyed the portraits we made in her home. 

i love her style so much- her home is just beautiful!! so i was just giddy to see MY WORK in it!! what a compliment. 

not every print shown is mine, angie is a great photographer herself! (so compliment times two that she's showing my work.) (thank you angie for sharing these with me!! love you so!!)

through the years, i've found that my most happy clients are the ones who get those portraits in places they can see and enjoy them. everyone is different in how they display them or in what types of prints they'd like to use in their home, but always know i'm here to help! 

i know from my own house that it's difficult to make decisions on which portraits to use and it can be even harder to actually get it done, but that's why i'm here! do you know that i meet with clients after our session to help you choose and plan on how to use your portraits according to your budget and style? i love being involved in that process of getting your moments captured displayed in your home. 

while i was in birmingham last summer shooting angie's family along with a few others, a friend showed me this display below and i loved it so i asked if i could show you all! these portraits are of four different children during those first few months! I love how unique they all are, but also cohesive in the design! (thanks nicky for inviting me in to see these!)

there are so many other ideas out there! i have a pinterest board on displaying portraits if you're looking for more inspiration and i'd always LOVE to see how those of you who are my clients are enjoying your portraits! send me your pictures!! and share this with those who need ideas! 

ps. i'm hoping to be doing shoots again in birmingham this summer! i'd love to know if you're interested or certainly pass along my contact to others who might be. (follow me on fb to keep in touch & sign up for my email list!!)