big and bigger.

do you ever feel like you'd like to try something new, but you're filled with doubt? do you speak negatively to yourself saying you can't ? or what if you fail? what if you fall and everyone is watching? do you have a new excuse not to try every time you begin to take a step? 

do you ever feel like you're not big enough for the task ahead? or the dream you've been dreaming? do you forget that you have others around offering to hold your hand? 

and though i'm familiar with all of that above, i'm a big believer in taking risks, not giving into fears, living adventures, and in trying to help others do the same.

today, i thought i'd allow my little friend seb to show us that taking big steps towards growth and independence isn't as scary as it seems.

it could even be hilarious and you might just find yourself saying, "i did it!!"  

you may even make a little friend along the way. ;)