WILLIAM + LAURA. engagement portraits

YES, YES, and YES... to these two. i feel so lucky to have had the chance to take their engagement portraits last fall! I was in california already doing family/senior shoots in the bay area and one of my days there, hopped on a plane down to LA early in the morning to be picked up by william and laura! we had such an amazing time and i LOVED hearing all about their story of meeting and falling in love. 

i already loved laura and have known her for years, so it was a treat to meet the man that captured her heart. 

i loved how diverse this shoot was! we began at manhattan beach where their first date was and then moved on to downtown LA. i loved exploring the open market, snacking on taquitos, and seeing the oldest street in LA. but more than any of that, i loved spending time with these two, just laughing and seeing them enjoy one another. and we only got kicked out of two areas while shooting! haha!

thanks laura and william for giving me the honor!! and huge congrats on your wedding!! xo.