meet kacie! >class of kpp 2016 model<

KACIE is one of five special #classofkpp senior models representing my photography business for the class of 2016. 

kacie's friends describe her as being gifted in drawing others out and then giving good advice as well as having a great sense of humor. 

kacie's advice to others in high school is to avoid getting in a rut by not trying. she remembers feeling intimidated by those she doesn't know and hopes to gain more confidence in her senior year. 

isn't amazing how we can perceive others as having it all together, but then when we really get to know each other, we realize we're all struggling in our own ways. 

i see a confidence in kacie that i admire.

my hope for her senior year is that she can let how her closest friends see her help grow her confidence and continue being a help and confidant to others in her counsel! you're a beauty kacie! 

[ details on this shoot: hair by sarah prentice at green salon. makeup by courtney rodgers makeup. ]