BYRDS. family portraits.

the byrd family choose to keep their shoot close to home. i love shooting with family's in their own stomping grounds because not only does it keep the kids totally comfortable to be in their own place, it also creates another layer of history to their portraits. 

in other words, the portraits themselves become a way to tell their kids their own story. this was your back yard and this was the park we walked to where you would pretend to sell us ice cream cones... which is exactly what the byrd boys do under the willamette park sign. (see below)

i loved doing this shoot with you, byrd family! it brought back a lot of sweet memories of when brian and i had two little boys as well. i'm so thankful for our session together and excited that you can enjoy these for years to come as the boys grow! kiss those sweet baby cheeks again for me! 

xo. kp