SOPHIE. senior portraits.

Tualatin High School >< class of 2017 >< KPP model.

session details:

this session took place late summer on sauvie island. and just for a minute, i need to sing the praises of this girl, her kind mother, happy pup and sweet friend because the minute we began the shoot... like literally the first click or two of the camera... my trusty camera just. stopped. working.

i troubled shooted everything i could think of. i explained what was happening. then i called my good friends at pro-photo in portland.  they also trouble shooted with me, but nothing was working. so the best case scenario was for us to pause the shoot, me to drive back into town to pro photo, rent a camera, and then drive right back to this sweet senior's session. you guys, these sweet people didn't bat an eye!! in eight years of business, i've never had gear malfunction, but because i have the best clients, it couldn't have been better. 

once we began again, it was such a fun and fantastic session!! we started right over again on the bridge to sauvie, then some natural fields, and finally down to the water, where sophie's pup got to run free! ;) i mean just look at how beautiful:

thanks again for being so wonderful to work with sophie! i LOVED spending that day with y'all on sauvie! xo.