HANNAH & GLENN. engagement portraits

this couple!!

these two braved a rainy day in portland for their engagement shoot and it couldn't have been more perfect! the drizzly weather was the perfect backdrop to the coffee shop stop, the clear umbrella, and the bright yellow jacket of hannah's!

but more than that, it was a stark contrast to the warmth between hannah and glenn. i loved hearing more of their story as we moved through our shoot. they share a love for coffee, old books, sherlock holmes (which is why i gifted them with the vintage magnifying lens!), and maps. 

we loved visiting the christopher david coffee shop in the pearl and they just so happened to have everything we were looking for and were even kind enough to allow us to borrow their vintage atlas to do a quick search for hannah and glenn's honeymoon spot... PARIS!

i had so much fun with them, that i teased i was engaged to them as a photographer. who wouldn't want to marry such amazing people. thankfully, they agreed to let me continue the "romance" at their wedding as their photographer! i can't wait to capture their big day!!