PHOEBE. senior portraits.

phoebe >< cleveland high school >< class of 2018

I was thrilled to be asked to shoot Phoebe's senior session! She was a classmate of Nic's from fourth grade on, so it was super special to see her again and get to capture her in portraits. We booked a simple session for her that I shot at my office building in Washington High School (Revolution Hall). I love shooting around the building and for those wanting a more pared down senior session, it can be a lovely location. 

Phoebe's helper also got to accompany her on the shoot which was super meaningful since she had been with her throughout all of her years of schooling! In a very real way, she's graduating too! :) 

Phoebe! I'm so proud of you and LOVED working with you for your senior portraits! All the fake sneezes of your mom to make you laugh were worth it! You are beautiful Phoebe!!! xo. kp