Class of KPP 2018 model team:

maybe you're wondering if Katie Prentiss Photography is a good fit for your senior portraits? 

here's a few questions you can ask yourself to see:

  • are you imperfect and make mistakes?
  • do you try to enjoy life but also work hard to do your best?
  • do you believe people are valuable beyond what they look like?
  • do you care about your inner beauty as much or even more than your outer looks?
  • do you want to remember this time in your life in a beautiful format? 
  • do you want a shoot that celebrates WHO you are as much as HOW you look? 
  • are you the type of person who wants to build others up? 

well, if you answered YES to most of those questions, you're in good company. we did too!

meet my #classofkpp model team. these are girls who encompass the above. and who would love to introduce you to what it would be like to work with KPP. there is too much in this world that tears us down and is a challenge to deal with. your senior portraits with KPP isn't one of them. 

take a peek at the beautiful faces below and know it's a small sampling of the energy, life, & beauty that working with KPP brings. 

KPP has three sessions left in JULY, four in AUGUST, and six in SEPTEMBER.

maybe one of these was meant for you! 

thank you my beautiful KPP model team for being examples to those who know you and love you.