we love our schools... but it's SUMMER!!!

i know you're all deep into that summer vibe already, but i want to share a little about the different schools I have on my KPP model team.  i love working with students from all around the portland area! there's more that unites us than divides us. <3

below you'll see the schools currently represented on my model team: (nine girls from seven different schools)

if you don't see yours here, let's work together anyway!!! if you do see yours here, talk to one of these girls about working with me. 

(if you see a typo above, I DO TOO! I'M JUST BEING TOO LAZY TO CHANGE IT IN PHOTOSHOP! ignore it, or even better, leave a comment about a mistake or typo you've made in your life!)

we recently had a fun contest over on instagram @kp_portraits (BE SURE YOU'RE FOLLOWING!!)... the contest was a competition between schools and which ever school got the most comments on their photo won a little photoshoot with up to ten friends. sophie from TUALATIN HIGH SCHOOL won that and hosted her bff on her birthday for the shoot! so sweet!

congrats sophie!

loved working with you TuHS girls! 

senior portrait season is well underway!! I can't wait to start sharing with you this amazing class of 2018!