BLISS family photoshoot.

before you scroll down and get SUPER happy looking at these adorable girls faces in this shoot below, know these things about booking a shoot in the late fall, winter, and most of spring in PDX: 1. the weather will be very picky and finicky.  2. that means you can not be. 

or at least it helps if you're not. so when i get a request to book a shoot, one of my first things to do is to check the weather ahead. if i see a nice patch, i try to jump on it. 

this was one of those shoots. it was supposed to be a bright sunny moment in the midst of wet days. the sun didn't quite come as promised, but here is what did come out: smiles, sister snuggles, and lots of play. 

and don't be fooled. these two cuties were super quiet and shy when they came to my office prior to their shoot. but once we were on their turf, we played lots of games and they just *might* have forgotten they didn't know me before. i hope they think we're friends now. ;)

anyway. how cute are they? i swear i love my job... and what i mean by that, is that i love the people i get to photograph. thanks desiree and anne for allowing me to capture your sweet girls!