ELLEN AND JIRO. family photoshoot.

one of my goals on every family shoot is to become friends with the kids. they're honestly the best. they hug in a photo because they love the person their hugging. they smile (as long as no one is telling them to 'say cheese') because they're feeling good or even laughing. i love to interact with them very casually and playfully to see what happens and how their personalities show during a shoot. I want to capture them as they are. 

and to be honest, often on shoots, the more adults you add to the mix, the more stiff or awkward it can become. we adults just think too much about everything... especially ourselves. ;)

but this shoot was different. five grandparents showed up for some quick portraits in the middle of this family's shoot and i loved watching them interact. all the various personalities came out and all i could think about was how lucky these two kids were. to have so many people lighting up over them. 

what if everyone had that?

this beautiful shoot was taken at sauvie island (i've been saying that alot lately!) but it was just PERFECT for them. we began at Kruger's farm and then moved to the beach. 

after the shoot, the youngest and i were chatting about families and our stories of belonging. i asked her what it meant to be a family. and she simply replied, "it means to love each other."

i couldn't agree more. <3

thanks a million ellen and jiro for sharing your family love with me & my camera for a moment.