joe & laurie >< engagement shoot.

i had the most beautiful time celebrating JOE & LAURIE's engagement with a shoot at my favorite oregon winery, sokol blosser

while planning this shoot with laurie & joe, i gave them little cards to handwrite a note to one another about their upcoming marriage. our plan was to save them for the shoot and let them take a few minutes to celebrate their journey towards marriage! i want photoshoots to be more than getting beautiful portraits- i want them to also create beautiful memories. i love that they can tuck those notes into an album or keepsake box and treasure them with the portraits forever. 

these are the things that build our personal and family history AND that mean so much to generations beyond us. imagine their grandchildren reading those notes while looking through their portraits one day!!

i feel so honored to have the privilege to capture their wedding this MAY! it's going to be beautiful!! i take on very few weddings, so when i do, they MEAN the WORLD to me! 

can't wait until YOUR day, joe & laurie!! xo.