JORDAN. senior portraits

JORDAN >< Tualatin High School >< Class of 2017

I love this session so much...not only because Jordan rocked it and looks amazing OR because we got to shoot it at their new home property that they hadn't even moved into yet, but partially because I love a challenge. And the challenge this day was that it was a COLD, WINTERY day...but it was NOT raining... so we went for it!

And I love how it turned out. The sky was foggy and cold when we began, but by the end of the session, it opened up some light on us. The results were just stunning. 

I will always love a good story for your senior portraits. This one was amazing to shoot in a beautiful place that this sweet family was about to call home. Not only will Jordan get to see how amazing she was back in this time of her life, but it will also flood memories of moving into this home while simultaneously moving out of the high school world. Those crossroads are just pretty magical to watch in our lives. 


Thanks Jordan and family for inviting me into this time of your lives and allowing me to capture Jordan's senior year portraits! <3 Y'all are awesome!