introducing the 2018 KPP MODEL TEAM!

i am so pleased to introduce my new team of models for the class of 2018. these girls are the type of people i would want as friends, would trust to lead, and are standouts in their communities. they are the the type of people that only get more beautiful the more you know them. 

i ask them to model for me in ways that go well beyond the world's definition of model. we are more than an image to be viewed. we're going to work hard to see ourselves beyond that first glance and own what is unique about our own beauty. 

AND i really hope that they will introduce me to you because i want to invite you to join me in the same mission of seeing beauty differently and seeing it in ourselves. you are all welcome to take this journey with us... beyond typical photoshopped senior portraits... beyond the pressure of 'pretty'... and into portraits that empower us, build our confidence, and show appreciation for all that we've been given. 

want to join the KPP tribe? contact me asap to save your spot. xo.