super hot model shoot. (literally, we were sweating.)

i wanted to share a little snippet from the first group photoshoot for my #classofKPP model team... taken this summer on a group hike. did i mention it was really hot that day? it was a good thing that these adorable girls were in the photos and not me!! ;) regardless of the heat, we had a great time exploring on our hike and getting to know one another a little better. 

i'm convinced that one of the most magical times in life is your senior year of high school... seniors have one foot in childhood and one foot in adulthood and they are on a journey of crossing over right before our eyes... i love that i get to try and capture that.

i love working with all of my KPP seniors out there, but this group in particular, my #classofKPP model team, has my heart in a big way. we began together last year, the spring of their junior year and did headshots on the roof of my office building, then we did this shoot at beautiful forest park in portland, oregon... on one of the HOTTEST days of the summer. seriously, it was right at 100* that day.  

there are eight girls total on the team, their introduction was this blog post: they represent four different high schools in the porltand area: Grant High School, Benson Polytechnic, Saint Mary's Academy, and Tualitan High School. (FYI.. next year, i want to see even more schools represented!)

we have some fun shoots planned for the rest of their senior year, but before the weather gets too cold and wintery, i wanted to share this little blast from the hot summer past. 

who's missing the summer heat? who's looking forward to a little winter chill? we've got something up our sleeves that is going to contrast this shoot just perfectly! stay tuned...