TOMLIN. senior portraits.

Grant High School >< Class of 2017

let's say you're a high school senior who's anything but boring and typical. 
like a girl who's the president of your high school's robotics club... or a student who volunteers for the humane society... or a senior who has their own studio in their home for their weaving...
i will do my darnedest to match your coolness with your senior portraits. and secretly i'll wish i was as cool as you when i was your age.

i always ask my seniors if there is a place that particularly means something to you that we could feature in your session. for tomlin, we agreed that starting in her home to feature her studio and loom would be pretty central to sharing her story of this time in her life. we coaxed her cats into a few pics too! after time in her home, we moved out and grabbed some fantastic murals around town to show her creative side... we especially loved using the one from botjoy as a nod to her robotics work! 

thanks tomlin and fam... you were a joy to work with and I can't wait to see what's in store for you! xo. kp