SADIE. senior portraits.

sadie >< grant high school >< class of 2018

Sadie's session was a perfect summer day and where is better to spend a perfect summer day than Sauvie Island?! We began her session in an apple orchard, moved to Kruger's farm for some flowers + fields shots. I love how Sadie's outfit choices create a nice variety in her images as well. There's a fallish feel to the sweater and jeans mixed with some adorable summery dresses. I loved how her session came together and think she just looks so beautiful in these!

Sadie, you were so fun to hang out with during your session!! Thanks for trusting me with your senior portraits and I hope your year is the best yet! Thanks for being awesome to work with!! xo. kp

PHOEBE. senior portraits.

phoebe >< cleveland high school >< class of 2018

I was thrilled to be asked to shoot Phoebe's senior session! She was a classmate of Nic's from fourth grade on, so it was super special to see her again and get to capture her in portraits. We booked a simple session for her that I shot at my office building in Washington High School (Revolution Hall). I love shooting around the building and for those wanting a more pared down senior session, it can be a lovely location. 

Phoebe's helper also got to accompany her on the shoot which was super meaningful since she had been with her throughout all of her years of schooling! In a very real way, she's graduating too! :) 

Phoebe! I'm so proud of you and LOVED working with you for your senior portraits! All the fake sneezes of your mom to make you laugh were worth it! You are beautiful Phoebe!!! xo. kp

LOGAN. senior portraits.

logan ><sunset high school >< class of 2018

I always ask if there's a sentimental place at which a senior would like to shoot their session and often there's not which is totally fine. But Logan thought of his favorite school as a place to begin and I love that. When a place has helped shape who you are, it's so meaningful to use in a shoot down the road. And just think of all the memories that will flood when you look back on the portraits in years to come. 

We also were able to include shots from track and a nearby pond since Logan loves to fish with his dad. Overall, I love the set we created for Logan and think it encapsulates his year and personality well!

Thanks for going with the flow Logan! It was fun working with you! Katie

ZOEY. senior portraits.

zoey >< grant high school >< class of 2018

take a classic beauty like zoey and add a classic beauty like the rose garden and you're left with an epically beautiful senior session. everything was coming up zoey for this shoot... the warm, glowy sun, the different shades of beautiful blooms, and her adorable outfits. all of it was punctuated with the RED DRESS at the end. i want to show you the full shoot, but take my word for it, that red dress in the rose garden was end of the shoot perfection.  

zoey!!! you're so awesome and i LOVED working with you. i'm still in love with this shoot of yours and feel it came out perfectly. i hope you're enjoying your prints and digital images and will for years to come!! you're the best! xo. kp

MATTHEW. senior portraits.

matthew >< sunset high school >< class of 2018

matthew was great to work with. he wanted to feature his football field and Sunset High School colors to begin with, and then we moved to his beautiful home nearby. i loved that his session was scheduled like this because he helped plant a number of native plants in his yard and we grabbed some portraits near them. you know i love to tell a story on a shoot and that's exactly what his location choices will do. plus, doesn't he look super handsome in these? 

matthew, you're such a nice guy, I'm really glad I met you! thanks for being so accommodating on your shoot even when you didn't feel 100%. I think these will bring back a lot of good memories from this time in your life! best to you for the rest of your senior year!! kp

KATIE. senior portraits.

katie>< grant high school >< class of 2018

could sauvie island look any prettier with katie in it?!
she was a senior who knew exactly what she wanted out of her session and i think we nailed it... beautiful, sunny backdrops with the golden glow of summer. ignore your pasty, winter skin while reviewing katie's session... it was in august and she was rocking that summer tan. (and how adorable are those arm tattoos? i'm so happy thinking back to this session with katie. she just made me feel happy... i'm guessing if you know her, she makes you feel that way too.  

katie, i think you'll love these images for years and years to come and my hope is that they'll bring back sweet memories of this time in your life! thanks for being an AWESOME client. xo. kp

ROSEMARY. senior portraits.

rosemary >< cleveland high school >< class of 2018

this girl lives in color which makes sense as a theater student. i love that we began her session at some local murals in the buckman area of pdx, and from there we moved all over the east side of portland: the industrial inner se, the east esplanade, and the oaks park water front. so so so fun capturing this girl. and the BIGGEST BONUS OF ALL WAS THAT IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY!! that was a gift to me, not her! ;)

rosie... you were AMAZING to photograph... first senior i've ever done a birthday shoot with! it was an honor. xo. kp

SELENA. senior portraits.

selena >< SMA >< class of 2018

hey, let's talk about this girl's session and how cute she looked, okay? we really created some awesome diversity in her shoot with beginning in industrial se portland, making our way to the waterfront, and then ending at irvington park in ne portland. the sun went down while we were shooting at the park, and selena looks good in that golden glow!! 

you know how you know when you just find your people in this world? there's just a connection there and it's like you've always known them or something? i don't know how it happens, just when it happens and it happened with selena. :) haha... i have a way with words.  thanks for letting me do your senior portraits girlie!! xo. 

JAYNE. senior portraits.

jayne >< cleveland high school >< class of 2018

Jayne is also on the KPP 2018 Model team.

jayne has such a cool sense of self expression and had the creative idea to do her session near her old elementary school, the emerson school in nw portland, right on the park blocks. i loved the location filled with personality, nature, inspiring art nearby, and her old stomping grounds brought back many sweet memories she shared with me. i love that about senior sessions... they show us as we're just beginning our stories as adults, but they are also a time capsule of our childhood memories as well. It's the beautiful in between. 

jayne, you're a total blast to be around and i'm so thankful that i've gotten to know you a bit this year!! thanks for your loving and generous spirit and for being so fun to photograph!! you rocked it! xo. kp

GRACE. senior portraits.

grace >< cleveland high school >< class of 2018

KPP 2018 Model team

 I've had the privilege of knowing grace since about 4th/5th grade and loved her from the start! what an honor to get to capture her for her senior portraits. she's a natural and a delight to be around and her session was set to reflect that back. grace is also a rower here in portland, so it was perfectly fitting that we began her session on the docks of the willamette river where she works hard for the team she's on. 

we then moved to laurelhurst park to take some portraits in the nature where she grew up. love how her session turned out there and love the extra meaning behind the locations.  

grace you're a true beauty and i'm thankful to know you! thanks for being a part of the KPP model team this year too! xo. kp