ELLA. senior portraits.

Ella >< Grant High School >< Class of 2019

The medium of photography is light so why not play with it? I love to take my time and let the landscape evolve. And Ella's shoot was all about that gradual change in light.  

We had a range of locations and clothing options but what really kept this shoot cohesive was the warmth each image projects. Blurring out details in the foreground and background also mimic that haziness. Sauvies Island once again you turned it out!

Loved those outfits Ella, you are a gem!

Summer is coming to a close but still open for September shoots. :)

AVERY. senior portraits

Avery >< Tualatin High School >< Class of 2019

Yes Avery! I swear every time I shoot on Sauvies Island I fall in love with it more. Run in the street, jump on a fence you name it!

Experiment with all your wonderful faces guys, from flashing a bright smile to a confident stare down the center of the lens. And those flowing fabrics! They mimic movement and the lightness of the summer air. So lovely. 

Give your hair a tussle and lets boogie until the end of summer!

Thanks for sharing the sunshine with me Avery.

MICHAELA. senior portraits.

Michaela >< St. Mary's Academy >< Class of 2019

Oh these tropical vibes! I love the beach-y lush feel of Michaela's shoot. We had such a variety of looks to choose from in this set. The difference in back drops from more natural to structural really play nicely together. A collection of delicate accessories also work great when it comes to styling. 

And again, adorable pups always welcome. :)

Thanks for the fun Michaela!

ELLA. senior portraits.

Ella >< Central Catholic High School >< Class of 2019

I had a great evening with Ella on the Southeast waterfront! Waterscapes have a serene and clam vibrance which I think are great to highlight a subject. The casual, relaxed feel of the shoot really highlights her personality. Sometimes all the bells and whistles are not required for a great shoot; just good weather and a low key setting.

Also a good patterned outfit always pops!

Thanks for shooting with me Ella!

SOPHIE. senior portraits.

Sophie >< Cleveland High School >< Class of 2019

Living in Portland, OR, summer is a cherished and unbelievably vibrant time. Daydreaming of the months to come gets me through the sloshing rains of our other seasons. I think one of the best parts of working so hard in the summer is that I get to enjoy the sweetness of the season with so many wonderful seniors.

Sophie and I went out to Sauvies Island, hands down the most lush and popular location I shoot in, and had ourselves a lovely romp through the fields and dunes. The pop of the deep tones in wardrobe against the warm, pastel natural backdrops provides a great contrast to the images. With any outdoor shoot its important to just enjoy the open space and have some fun. Its summer, you deserve it.

Thanks for sharing your smiles Sophie!

SKYLAR. senior portraits.

Skylar >< Tualatin High School >< Class of 2019

Being a senior in high school can be a time of change that helps you to reflect on the places and people that nurtured who you are today. With Skylar I was able to photograph at her beautiful home and explore the diverse landscape. There is a lightness and ease to the feeling of the shoot that I think was supported by her connection to her surroundings.

Photography provides a way to hold on to a moment. I hope with Skylar and all my seniors I am able to give you a thoughtful depiction of this time.

Thanks Skylar!



ALLY. senior portraits.

Ally >< St. Mary's Academy >< Class of 2019

When photographing my seniors, I try to bring a sense of their individual personality to the shoot. With Ally, we were able to move through the different locations and really convey a dynamic range of emotions. Being photographed can be intimidating at times but I think it is so impactful when you are able to let go and really show yourself to the lens. Creating a comfortable and trusting space for people to express themselves is one of the main goals in my work. 

Ally, thank you for the freedom and fun you brought our shoot! 

PS. Always bring your dogs because they are wonderful.

SHELTON. senior portraits.

Shelton >< Cleveland High School >< Class of 2019

Shelton was brave enough to book a sunrise shoot and we had the best time shooting and exploring while the city woke up. The variety of color and texture that is provided by the urban environment perfectly accented her style. We began on the Hawthorne Bridge, then grabbed some murals, and wrapped up the shoot near PSU in downtown Portland. Thanks for being such a wonderful and bright person to capture shelton!

JULIA. senior portraits.

Julia >< Grant High School >< Class of 2019

We started my senior session season in one of my favorite places, Sauvie Island, with Julia was a such a treat. Sauvie Island is a wide open space that just inspires you to take a deep breath, which never hurts when you're on a photoshoot. I mean who doesn't love to prance around in dresses on the beach or in a field, with your cute dog no less. I love the ways in which Julia brought such diversity and brightness to her shoot. Thanks so much and good luck in your SENIOR year girl!

ELLA. senior portraits.

Ella >< Grant High School >< Class of 2019

We had such great weather for this golden hour shoot with Ella. Photographing later in the evening allowed us to capture the changes in the light, which can really effect the mood of the shoot. I love summer shoots because they can be carefree and relaxed, but still sophisticated with great wardrobe choices. Thanks Ella! You were a dream! 

September is open for bookings if you guys want to come hang out with me! 

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