My daughter and I were discussing making mistakes the other day. In trying to comfort her I told her that I was the perfect person to make mistakes around. Partially because I make them often, but also because I tend to see beauty in the imperfect.

My goal in photography is much the same as what I look for in life. I pray constantly for eyes to see the beauty in the midst of chaos. And believe me, raising four kids gives me plenty of opportunity to see chaos. I need to see the beautiful as well!

So if you're considering working with me, know your imperfections are welcome and know that my greatest thrill will be capturing what is beautiful about you and your loved ones! 

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Katie is a wonderful photographer!  I've never felt so comfortable in front of a camera.  Katie is an intuitive and warm person who has a unique sense of people, bringing out their personalities and creating a comfortable experience.  My 13-year old son will not smile or engage when others are attempting to take photos of him.  Katie is the only person in years who was able to bring out his natural personality in photos.  Not only did Katie create a beautiful experience photographing my family, but she was so helpful in regards to selecting photos that worked for the walls of my home!  I really appreciate the memories she has given me and I highly recommend her as an amazing photographer.

bonnie mcbee | portland, or


"Before she photographed our family, I'd met Katie only in passing. Still, our session felt like spending a morning with a friend. Her comfortable, genuine personality made this type-A mother of four feel relaxed when I thought'd I'd be stressed to the point of tears. And it's a good thing I saved those tears -- I shed them when I opened our photos for the first time. Her gorgeous photography captured our not-so-little family in a specific place in a specific time in a way that is true to who really really are. I know I'll treasure these photographs for years to come."

kristen golby | west point, ny

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 7.46.57 AM.png

"Katie, we LOVE the pictures. You graciously handled a shoot with a mostly fussy and uncooperative baby and gave us something so beautiful. Truly, you are an artist. Thank you for capturing real and special moments from those early, newborn weeks that we can hold onto as Eli grows up!"

ellyn yoon | portland, or


"Katie is the perfect photographer for my large family. I never have to worry about my four kids having to be on their best behavior or the chaos of corralling a large family to sit still for an hour. Katie's calm demeanor and flexibility always produces beautiful results!"

liz barna | sunnyvale, ca


"Our photo session felt like a fun family day, & Katie P. is part of the fun. We didn't feel like were "getting our picture taken." We were just having fun and then a few weeks later we got images that captured all these special bits I love about my family, but couldn't really articulate before."

laura herrmann | mountain view, ca


"Katie was a joy to work with. Her ideas were great and she took pictures which really captured our personalities! I recommend her if you want someone who understands how to take a picture that makes a real statement."

tracy braden | portland, or