Your brand has a personality. Does it show?

So often in the business world, the images we use to convey our brand are lacking to say the least. For our profile pictures, we use some classic headshot with a neutral backdrop with everything looking clean and tidy. While these types of images get the job done in showing what you look like, they do very little in showing what you or your brand ARE like.  No one wants to appear to the rest of the world to be void of personality and I'd argue that no brand should look that way. We often have one split second chance to make an impression online. 

In my little corner of the business world, I pour my heart and soul into what I do and I want the outside world to to see that at their first glance of Katie Prentiss Photography! I take images that are natural, playful, and heartfelt and I believe that shows on my sites and social media platforms. I want my profile pictures to look friendly and approachable so my clients will have an idea of what I'd be like to hire.  I'd encourage you to take a second look at your profile pictures, the images used on your website and your social media platforms and ask yourself what personality your brand is presenting. What do you want those photos to convey?

 The images used here are from a shoot I did with the owner of North Avenue Education, Scott Clyburn. He not only wanted a fresh headshot, but also active and candid shots that portrayed what tutoring is actually like with North Ave. I believe the images we captured immediately show that clients of North Avenue Education are going to get customized, personal attention from tutors who are approachable and knowledgable. As a student preparing for a stressful exam, I would feel so comforted in seeing these photos knowing that I will be fully supported in my goals. 

Consider who is coming to your site or looking at your profile and brand. What needs or desires are they bringing with them? Are your images meeting those needs and creating more connections or are they actually turning people off? Often very talented people and businesses are so focused on their products or services that they forget to evaluate things like their brand's images. But like the receptionist at your doctor's office, those images can make or break that first introduction to you online... good thing that new professional photos are an easy thing to fix.